Foundation of the Karuizawa Child Future Fund

We would like to thank you all for your continued support.

As part of our CSR activities, we have founded the "Karuizawa Child Future Fund" jointly with the NPO Sports Community Karuizawa Club (address: 332-4, Nagakura, Karuizawa, Kitasaku District, Nagano / chairman: Yoshihiro Onuma).

Karuizawa Child Future Fund

Karuizawa Child Future Fund


Karuizawa Child Future Fund, with "Opportunities for all children to experience sports, arts, and culture" as its mission statement, aims to nurture children's mental and physical health and develop their "zest for life" through providing every child in difficult circumstances in Karuizawa with opportunities to experience sports, arts, and culture.

Today in Japan, there are children who are deprived of opportunities for learning and experience because of family or financial reasons. The relative poverty rate for children under 18 years old in Japan is 15.7% (2018), meaning that 1 in 7 children is in relative poverty.

As of 2019, around 25,000 "children who can't turn to their parents" were living in 605 children's homes nationwide.

Our town, Karuizawa, also has several children's homes. The reality is that adequate support and educational opportunities are lacking for many children in this luxurious resort area.

Karuizawa Child Future Fund was founded in the hope of creating a society where the future of children is not determined by their circumstances.

Timeline and budget

The timeline for the Karuizawa Child Future Fund is planned as follows:

1st stage (January 2022 - June 2023)

・Provide free activities for approximately 60 children living in children's homes

・Start free bus services for children to participate in the programs

・Organize sports events for everyone including children with disabilities

・Aim for sustainable operation by being designated as a "hometown tax" donation recipient by Karuizawa while building a successful track record

2nd stage (July 2023 - )

・Expand the target to all children in Karuizawa who are in difficult circumstances (e.g. low-income households)

・Operate by donations from supporters and from "hometown tax"


・Approx. 1 billion JPY in the first 5 years

We will continue to organize and support fundings, events, gatherings, fundraising projects, and other activities to tackle social issues surrounding children, such as education, health, and poverty, for a brighter future.

For inquiries about this fund

OBI HOLDINGS PR team (Representative: Sameshima)

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