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About our mission

Our business is to provide comprehensive support for marketing, promotion, and CS operations of retail brokers in the Asian market, and to help increase the market share of our clients.


01 Strategic Planning

In the strategic planning process, we divide the client's growth into two processes, "strategy construction" and "business planning".

In "strategy construction", we clarify the target of the client and the service to be provided.

  • What is the customer base for the client?
  • Is the customer base interested in such products (services)?
  • Does the client have those services?
  • Are the services differentiated and attractive compared to other companies?

In "business planning", we propose a feasible business plan based on the client's resources and the target revenue.

In the business plan, from resources and know-how issues to goals that cannot be achieved independently, we can work together to get closer to the goals and clarify when they will be achieved.

02 Media Development

Along with planning, we will build each media of client service that matches the target market. Also, if necessary, we will advise clients on optimizing the CRM system and platform of back office.

  • Design and construction of multilingual service websites
  • LP (landing page) design and construction
  • Affiliate media design and construction
  • Owned media design and construction
  • Production of various social media, etc.

If you need to build, optimize trading system (MetaTrader, CTrader, etc.) or introduce a CRM system, we will propose a solution for the entire service with P2 TECH PTE LTD as joint ventures.

03 Media Management

We approach the target user using the constructed media. This process repeats the process of verifying what approach you take to effectively earn conversions and implementing it.

  • Creation of web articles, video content, and email newsletters
  • Social media update, trend check, and report
  • Recruitment and audition of writers and narrators
  • Recruiting and approaching affiliates and IBs
  • News and press release
  • Conducting interviews, etc.

In addition to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, we use Similarweb and Semrush to analyze client sites and conduct competitive surveys.

04 CS Assistance

We provide customer support services on behalf of our clients. At our company, we have dozens of customer support staff who can handle multiple languages ​​including Asian countries at all times. We will provide email support and chat support with the utmost hospitality 24 hours a day according to the client's service.

  • Creation of support manuals
  • Review and introduction of customer support tools
  • Plan of staff shift
  • Recruitment, interview and management of support personnel
  • Support services (email and chat support)
  • Implementation of external evaluation (customer satisfaction), etc.

Intellectual property such as trademarks and designs

In addition, we introduce specialists such as international lawyers and patent attorneys regarding the handling of trademarks and designs of client companies (trademark rights search, application, transfer, etc.). If you are a startup broker, we recommend that you first protect your intellectual property rights before proceeding with your business process. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our advisors.