How to Apply

We ask that you submit the application documents specified by us for the selection. Please download the application documents from the links below, fill in the required information, and send us the entry form with the documents attached.

1. Application documents

2. How to fill in the entry form

  • Select "Apply for Each Job Category" from "Inquiry Item" on the contact form.
  • Please select the "Employment Type" and "Interested Position" and fill in the required items.
  • Please attach Form A (Resume) and Form B (Work history) in PDF format.
Entry Form

3. First screening (documents screening)

Applications will be screened based on the content of the resume and work history. We will notify you by email within one week of the result of the document screening. If we have any questions during the screening process, we may contact you.

4. Second screening (interview and submission of materials)

Interviews will be with HR or the specialist in the position you are applying for. It will be held at our office if you are in Singapore or neighboring countries, or by phone (Zoom) in the case of distant countries. After the interview, we will notify you of the result within 2 weeks.

5. Job offer

We will discuss employment conditions, start date (date of entering the company), work visa, etc., if necessary.

Terms for handling personal information of job applicants

OBI HOLDINGS PTE LTD, OBI MEDIA PTE LTD, P2 TECH PTE LTD (hereinafter referred to as "the Group", "we", "us") shall handle the personal information of job applicants acquired in the recruitment and hiring process in accordance with the laws and regulations regarding personal information.

  • Scope of personal information
    • Personal information in these terms means information that can identify individual job applicants acquired through the recruitment and hiring process of the Group.
    • Resume, work history, content of contact form. (Name, phone number, email address, inquiry content, etc.)
    • The content of communications between applicants and the Group during the recruitment and hiring process.
    • Other information that can be easily collated with other information to identify an individual.
  • Purpose of collection and use
    • The Group will use the personal information obtained through the recruitment and hiring process and inquiries regarding recruitment only for the following purposes.
    • For providing recruitment information, contacting, and screening.
    • For the work related to human resource management in the Group, if the applicant is hired by the Group.
    • In addition, for the communication necessary for service and operation.
  • Security management measures, etc.
    • The Group will prevent any leakage, falsification, loss, etc. by taking appropriate safety measures for the personal information collected during recruitment activities.
  • Disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information
    • The Group will disclose, correct, or delete personal information acquired during recruitment activities to a reasonable extent upon request of the individual. We cannot disclose information related to the screening process because it may interfere with the proper implementation of the Group's business.
      Personal information of applicants will be promptly destroyed or deleted by an appropriate method as soon as the purpose of the use is achieved.
  • Information disclosure to third parties
    • In principle, we will not disclose the acquired personal information of applicants to third parties, but in the following cases, we may disclose it in accordance with the law.
    • With the consent of the individual in advance.
    • When disclosure or provision is requested by legal authorities such as police, prosecutors, and courts.
    • When disclosure or provision is required by law.
    • When entrusting the handling of personal information to the associate company, affiliated company, or outsourcing company that has a non-disclosure agreement regarding personal information with the Group to the extent necessary to achieve the stated purpose of use.
    • When it is necessary to protect the life, body, or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual.
  • Changes and improvements to the agreement
    • This agreement may be amended without prior consent from the registrant, or may be changed without notice due to other circumstances.

■ Contact us

For inquiries regarding recruitment, please contact the following department.

General Affairs & Human Resources Dept.