Message from the HR


We are a company that provides technology centered on fintech to retail brokers engaged in financial-related businesses, and plans and operates retail brokers' web services.

Established in Singapore in 2012, we place the highest priority on the lifestyle and values ​​of our employees when hiring staff because we are a company in the country where many races gather. We strive to provide an employment environment that respects employees as much as possible to such as those who live in Singapore, those who work remotely from overseas, the spouses of expatriates, and foreign nationals.

Job Description

Full-time Employee
Contract Employee
Employment Type

Full-time Employee, trial period (3 months)

Contract Employee, trial period (3 months), contract period of 1 year (automatic renewal)

  • Corporate
  • Media Operation/CS
  • Producer
  • IT Engineer
  • Creator
  • Media Operation/CS
  • Producer
  • IT Engineer
  • Creator
Work Location

Available for all people (For corporate positions, an applicant must be a resident of Singapore)

Available for all people

Qualification Requirements

Graduates or expected graduates of domestic or foreign graduate schools or universities

Graduates or expected graduates of domestic or foreign graduate schools, universities, or technical colleges.


Depends on position

Depends on position

Salary Increase

Once a year (in principle)

Once a year (in principle)


Once a year (payment according to performance)
* Payment results in 2020: 6 months of basic salary

Once a year (payment according to performance)
* Payment results in 2020: 2 months of basic salary

Holiday and leave

Two days off in a week (Saturday and Sunday), public holidays in Singapore, year-end and new year holidays, annual paid leave, special leave, sick leave, maternity leave, paid childcare leave, special leave for wedding and funeral

For residents of Singapore
In addition to the above, paternity leave, shared parental leave, adoption leave as stipulated by Singapore law

Five-day workweek system, annual paid leave (7 days per year on a full-time basis), special leave for wedding and funeral

Various insurance

Overtime allowance, holiday allowance, certification allowance, childcare support system, health checkup, company trip

For residents of Singapore
CPF (Central Provident Fund) system (*1), group insurance system, and use of specific welfare facilities

Foreign Residents
Provide the same allowance as joining a regional universal insurance system (or similar insurance system)

Overtime allowance, holiday allowance, certification allowance

(* 1) Limited to Singapore nationals and permanent resident (PR) holders.

About Various Systems

Work-from-home System

We encourage a work-from-home system, which allows employees to work at locations other than the head office or branch offices. We also allow employees to work remotely, even if they have to stay in a different area such as for visiting parents, on the premise that they can work in the same environment as at home.

special leave
One year after joining the company, a special 5-day leave will be granted.
childcare support system

If you have a child up to the age of entering elementary school and continuously use childcare services such as nursery schools, half of the monthly basic fee will be paid as a childcare allowance up to SG$500.(May vary depending on country of residence)

CPF (Central Provident Fund) system

After joining the company, Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions will be paid at the rate set by the relevant institution in accordance with the CPF Act.

group insurance system

After the probationary period, you can take out the group insurance specified by us. If you are injured or ill, you will be covered for all the expenses required for medical examination and treatment at a medical institution around the world (other than the continental United States), so you can receive medical treatment without any out-of-pocket expenses. We also support hospitalization, highly advanced medical treatment, and dental treatment (*).

health checkup

After the probationary period, you can take an annual health checkup without your own expense. The Checklist will be determined by the doctor in consideration of age, gender, medical history, etc.

specific welfare facilities

After the probationary period, you can use facilities such as our partnered golf courses and related beauty salon for free (only in Singapore).

(*) As of 2021, we take out group insurance of Aviva plc and AXA Life Insurance Co., Ltd., and the expense of medical institution consultation, medical examination, and treatment will be paid in accordance with the standards of these insurance companies.